Used Water Filter: An Alternative to New Products

With the importance of clean drinking water, it is easy to understand why there are many people who are obsessed with water filtration. The water you have on tap is not clean. It may be clear white in color, but there is a high possibility of the presence of microscopic bacteria and contaminants that can have negative effects in your health. Lead, arsenic, and mercury are just some of the most common toxins found in water. Fortunately, you can be sure that they are taken out of water through filtration. You just need to invest in a high-quality water filter.

In spite of the importance of water filters, there are still some people who do not have such at home. Others may simply be unaware of its benefits, but more often than not, the reason is price. Especially if you choose a product that comes with premium quality, the price can be high. The good news is that you can always opt into buying used water filters. You can go online and look at stores like eBay and Amazon, among others. A quick Google search will also reveal some of the sellers within your area.

Used Water Filter

Be Cautious in Buying Used Filters

Just like in the case of buying any other second-hand product, a lot of people may have qualms. It is natural to be doubtful, especially given the fact that the filter has been used by people you do not know. You are most probably unware of how they handled it and if there are apparent problems that can have a negative effect on its functionality. You can never be too sure about the quality of the product, so always have second thoughts. Nonetheless, as long as you are diligent, you will end up making the right decision.

Tips in Buying Used Filters

To be assured that you will not be putting your money into waste, the following are some of the things that should be taken into account:

  • Start with the type of water filter that you need. Before you look for the possible sellers, first decide on the type of filter that you need. If you want one that can be used for filtering your drinking water, a reverse osmosis system can prove to be one of the best choices. The water can effectively take out contaminants in water, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and chlorine, among others. Foul odor and unwanted taste can also be removed.
  • Read reviews and seek for the opinions of other people. To be able to differentiate one option from the other, it would be best to consider what other people have to say, not only about the actual filter, but also about the seller. Some people are generous enough to share their insights and experiences through online reviews. You can also ask from family, friends, and colleagues if there is any seller or brand that they can recommend. Better yet, they may have an old water filter that they might want to sell.
  • Look for more than just one seller. It may be tempting to buy the first product that you see online, especially if you do not have the time to go through more choices. This, however is one thing that should never be done. Consider at least three choices before making a decision.
  • Check if the water filter is indeed legitimate. One of the problems about buying used filters is that you are not purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, even if the seller is asserting that it is made by a certain brand, you can never be sure. Take time to research about how the original brand looks like, as well as its features. Compare it with the used filter that is being offered. Ask the seller as well if there is still warranty certificate or if it is still within the warranty period.
  • Consider the return policies of the seller. This is especially important if you are going to purchase the water filter online. You won’t have the chance to physically inspect the product before having it bought. Make sure that you can have it returned within a reasonable period if in case there are defects that become apparent.
  • Buy brand new, if you can afford. We encourage buying used water filters only if you are really short on budget. On the other hand, if you have the money, it would be better to settle with a new filter, which is going to give you peace and mind when it comes to quality and functionality of the product.

Looking for a water filter? Short with your budget? You can still have a water filter, but you have to settle with used models. Keep in mind the tips that we have mentioned above to help you make a well-informed decision.

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