Track Your Water Intake With Plant Nanny

Ever since we were young, we were told about the importance of drinking water. We grew up knowing that drinking water is not enough. You have to make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water. Some might find it too much and an impossible feat. This is especially true if you are a busy person, or if you simply do not hydrate that much in a day. The good news is that you now never have to miss your glass of water. With an innovative app called Plant Nanny, you will be notified when it is time to get your dose of hydration. You might think that the idea is stupid or that you do not need it. Once you have downloaded it, however, it will be easier for you to understand why many people loved it.

Track Your Water Intake With Plant Nanny

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What It Is

Simply put, Plant Nanny is a mobile application that will provide you with immediate notifications when it is time to drink your water. Through this, it is more likely that you will be able to consume the right amount of water in a day. With this app, you will be turned into a plant, but only virtually! You just have to download it from the app store. Once it is already installed in your phone, you need to provide personal information, which will include your weight, height, and level of physical activity. These are important indicators on how many glasses of water should be consumed daily. After which, you will select the type of plant that will represent you.

Plant Nanny is made based on the premise that you become more responsible when you have to take care of something. Since the app turns you into a plant, you have to take care of it by drinking water. When you drink water the plant grows. However, when you do not drink water, it becomes sad and it wilts. It is like a pet-simulation game. You will be forced to drink water because you have to take care of the plant.

What We Loved About Plant Nanny

There are a lot of things that we loved about Plant Nanny. The most significant would be the fact that it encourages users to drink enough water. Even if we know the importance of water for our health, it is undeniable that there are still many of us who fail to drink sufficient amount of such. With Plant Nanny, you will be reminded all the time. It is like having your nanny, or perhaps, your mom who is persistent in reminding you to drink your water.

More than the function of the app itself, one more thing that we loved is its entertainment value. If you are bored drinking water, try this app. It is sure to be fun. It is a game that is going to be enjoyed by anyone. There are challenges that you have to complete, which add up to its fun. The plant starts out small. When it is time to drink water, you simply have to down a glass of water based on the size that is recommended by the app. Once you are done, click on the circle on the lower right of the screen. For every glass of water that is consumed, the plant grows. When you forget, it becomes sad. When you had it completely neglected, it will die. Once you have consumed the right amount of water, the plant will be in full bloom. When this happens, you can opt to bring it in a virtual garden where it will grow more seeds. The seeds, on the other hand, can be used for app updates and options for customization. This is indeed going to make everything a lot of fun!

The simplicity of Plant Nanny is one more thing that has captivated our attention. Once you have completed your profile, you simply have to open the app when you drink water and tap on the button. It will provide you push notifications when you need to drink water. It lacks complications.

More than being simple, the app is engaging. It will remind you of the apps that have been previously popular wherein you have to take care of your pet. Here, you have to take care of your plant. You can earn seeds and you can have options for customization, which will add up to the excitement of using the app.

Did we mention that Plant Nanny is free? If in case we have not yet mentioned, it is FREE. This alone will be a good reason for you to have it downloaded now and use it to monitor your water consumption. Whether you are using an iOS or Android-powered device, you can download this app.

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