Things you must know before buying a Water filter system

Water filter system is the process of removing impurities and germs from the water. The filter works by the chemical or biological process. There is the barrier present in the filtration plant that can keep the unnecessary particles away from the purified water. Different type of water filter systems is present that are attach to faucets or taps of the sinks and helps in the removing of different impurities from the water. The purified water is good for health and prevents many diseases. It is important to install the filter system to make the life healthy and disease free.



Importance of water filter system

It is important and necessary to use water filter system because it helps in removing the contaminants present in the water. The water filter system is necessary because

  • Increase in health benefits of water
  • Impure water lead to epidemic diseases
  • About 2000 contaminants are present in the water that is harmful to health
  • Some toxins are present in impure water that may cause
  • Clean water is essential for mental and physical health.
  • Purified water increases the metabolism of the body and prevent from various stomach problems.
  • Clean water makes the skin fresh and glowing

So the use of water filtration system helps in making the lifestyle better and healthy.

Installation of water filter system

Water filter system is not difficult to install one can easily attach to the tap by reading manual and guidelines. For the intense system, it is necessary to call the plumber to get the proper installation of the filtration system. Large filter systems are also available in the market that is fixed in various public places where the people can get and fill the bottles of water for the purpose of drinking and cooking.

How does filter system work?

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Water filter system works in three to six stages depends on the type of the filter system. The filter system is installed with the tap of the sinks in the kitchen or where there is the requirement of the pure water like dispensaries, hospitals, laboratories and related places.

Things to consider before purchasing water filter system.

Water filter system is little bit expensive system, one must consider all the facts and figures before spending money on this useful system.


The design of the filter system is important. Before purchasing it is important to consider the type of water coming from the water supply. If the water is heavy or saline one must consider buying that plant having a semi-permeable membrane with the size of 0.0005 microns that can filter the minute particles.


Various qualities of different filter system are available that helps in the purification of the water. It is important to choose the best quality that helps in best purity and contaminant free water.

Removing of contaminants

The best filtration plant is that has the capability of removing as much as possible impurities and contaminants to provide the purified water. Bacteria, nitrite, pesticides and lead are the major contaminants present in the water. The different filter system has various biological and chemical systems that enable to remove the impurities.

Help and support

Help and support are another factors to consider before purchasing the filters. The company offering one year warranty helps in providing service free of cost if any problem occurs within a year. When a person notices some trouble he can contact through email, telephone or visit to the office to get the repairing of the system.


Water filtration system works in different stages. It is good to purchase such system that works in three stages. In that case, the every stage clears different type of impurities this provide the purified water.

Filters vary from the pressure system of the water, it is good to focus on the system having water pressure55 to 65 psi. High water pressure system may cause leakage or damage to the pipes.

Some filters need replacement in 6 months while other need 12-month replacement. Some companies provide the indicators in the form of the color or alarm that provide the indication to change the cartridge.

Here are some water filters reviews that help you to find a best water filter system.

Types of filter system

  1. Activated carbon system
  • The filter is best to remove the large particles like sediments and slits.
  • The system works by attracting and absorbing these particles thus making the liquid free of the contaminants.
  • The system make the water odor and taste better
  • They reduce the chlorine content of the water.


  1. Osmosis water system

This is considered as one of the best filters because it can remove almost all type of the contaminants which are dangerous for the health. It can filter about 3 to 5 gallons of the water

For the best efficiency, it is important to change the cartridge periodically and clean with the bleach for the best performance.

  1. Faucet mounted water system
  • These are easy to install and best for the kitchen where there is use for the cooking and drinking.
  • Fauceted filter enables to switch between filtered and unfiltered water.
  • The water flow is slow and does not allow the random flow of the water.


  1. Countertop water filter system

Countertop filters do not clog and show high efficiency they do not fit all the faucets.

  1. Under sink water filter system
  • These require a plumber to fit the system properly. This can filter a lot of water at one time.
  • They require fitting under the sink.


  1. UV filters
  • This is one of the new technology that uses the UV rays for the treatment of the water.
  • It can destroy various bacteria that cause diseases
  • It is environmental friendly filters that need no additional chemicals for filtration purpose.

Water filter system is a necessity in the areas where there is no purified water present. It is good to have a system in house or the government should arrange the plants for the public use for the better health and living conditions of the public.

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